RFQ for : Bagomatic Bladder, posted by Importer from Thailand
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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
30 Jul 2008

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are one of leading waste rubber importer and recycler in Thailand. We are looking for long term supplier for the following products.

1. Rubber friction with nylon /steel cord
2. Rubber compound
3. Green tires
4. Bladder scrap.

Please Give us your workable price to FOB price? We can import from 300-500mt per month but for try out we can start by 20ft container. We also need photo of your product, can you provide to us?

Contact : Lina Yang


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Thanking you,
Have a very nice day,
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Thanking you

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Furbia International S.A. is a recognize international company that trades on different markets, mainly in Cuba. The company's headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and all the payments are usually made by confirmed irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight opened by prestigious international banks. We would like to explore the potential market in Cuba of your products such as :

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We would appreciate you send me the specifications of these kind of papers together with the best quotation for them. We look forward to establish a long term commercial relationship in future.

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Albert J. Capron   

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We are looking for used tires (225/80/17/5)-(750/16).

Baye Gningue   

Wholesale demand for : OTR Tyre (RFQ / Buylead from Turkey)
25 Apr 2008
I am a tire trader in Ankara in Turkey. I want to buy 530 pcs 650/65R25 otr tires CIF Istanbul/Turkey.

Contact : Metinaltintas   

Wholesale demand for : Tyre,Tube And Flap (RFQ / Buylead from Bangladesh)
19 Apr 2008
Dear Sir,

I deal with some brands of tyre, tube,and flap. I am a distributor of tyre.I am dealing with some size of tyre these are given bellow : 1000x20, 900x20,750x16,700x16,825x20,825x16,500x12,1100x20, etc .Now I want to import better quality tyre, tube, and flap.I want to know which brands you are dealing?How much your product price? I want to know individual price of product. I want to buy 50000 sets of tyre,tube and flap in each year. Please give your information as details as you can. I waiting for your response.

My contact:

Mr.Mosharraf Hossain   




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